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Are you a DevOps engineer looking to broaden your knowledge? Learn how to use Istio service mesh for Kubernetes through practical examples.

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"Learn Istio course helps DevOps engineers broaden their knowledge by adding Istio service mesh to their toolbelt."

Managing complex applications in production require the operators to have more visibility into different portions of the application, specifically the communication between different services.

As a DevOps engineer, service meshes can help you gain more visibility into service communication. They can make it easier to manage security, traffic and other aspects of the service communication.

The Learn Istio Service Mesh video course and Istio book help you understand what service mesh is about and give you a bunch of practical examples on how to use it.

Focused on the practical examples.

There are numerous articles and tutorials out there that focus more on the theoretical knowledge and high-level overviews of service meshes.

In the past years, I traveled around the world and delivered numerous talks and workshops on Kubernetes, cloud-native development and Istio.

One piece of feedback was the same: attendees always enjoyed the practical examples. These examples show you how service mesh features are applicable to your scenarios.

With that in mind, I created Learn Istio Service Mesh video course and Istio book. Both focus on practical scenarios and give you examples (with full source code) on how to get the best out of the Istio service mesh.

Istio book and video course answers questions such as:

  • What is Istio service mesh and how does it work?
  • How do I get started with Istio?
  • When to use Istio service mesh?
  • How to monitor services using Grafana?
  • How to route traffic to different services?
  • Can I use sticky sessions and session affinity?
  • How to test and improve service resiliency?
  • What are circuit breakers? How to use them with service mesh?
  • How to secure your services using Istio service mesh?

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Istio is probably one of the most important new open-source projects out there right now.
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What's inside?

Everything you need to get started and get proficient with Istio service mesh.

The E-Book

A book in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats with 7 chapters and more than 200 pages filled with detailed explanations, diagrams and code.

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The book explains basic concepts you need to understand to start using the Istio service mesh. I followed a similar style of writting as I do in my blog posts - focusing on practical knowledge and showing the readers how to do something.

Check out the full table of contents

The book is being frequently updated - since the initial release it has grown 20+ pages, filled with new scenarios and updated instructions.

The Video Course

You will learn a ton of stuff from the book, but sometimes it's better to watch a video and see how things are done in practice.

Traffic Mirroring (you can find more videos on my YouTube channel)

With more than 2 hours of video content you will learn how to install Istio service mesh, route traffic, observe microservices with Grafana, Jaeger and Kiali, configure circuit breakers and more.

Installing Minikube
Installing Minikube
Installing Istio
Installing Istio
Gateways and Virtual Services
Gateways and Virtual Services
Basic Traffic Splitting
Basic Traffic Splitting
Advanced Traffic Splitting
Advanced Traffic Splitting
Traffic Mirroring
Traffic Mirroring
Service Resiliency
Service Resiliency
Failure Injection and Grafana
Failure Injection and Grafana
Tracing with Jaeger
Tracing with Jaeger
Observability with Kiali
Observability with Kiali
Circuit Breakers
Circuit Breakers

The Cheatsheets

It's not practical to search through a book if you forgot how a syntax for VirtualService looks like or how to set timeouts.

For that reason, the complete package includes a set of following cheatsheets that you can use to get an overview of most popular Istio custom resources:

  1. Traffic splitting
  2. Service resiliency
  3. Fault injection
  4. Redirects and rewrites
  5. Sidecar resource

Each cheatsheet explains the resource and provides a practical example on how to use it. In the appendix of the book, you will also find a multi-page Kubernetes CLI (kubectl) cheatsheet.

Full source code

You will also find full source code for all examples used in the book. The examples from the book are implemented with Javascript (Node.js) and Golang.

  1. Hello web and greeter services (Node.js)
  2. Movie web accessing external service (themoviedb.org) (Node.js)
  3. Sticky sessions example (Golang)
  4. Customer web frontend and backend using gRPC (Golang and Node.js)
Code snippets
I have been working with Istio for the last two months and just got this book. I read it in two days, it's well written, easy to understand and a great way to start with Istio.
Christian W.
Platform architect

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  • All source code in Golang and Javascript

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  • The 200+ page book in PDF, Mobi and ePub format
  • Kubernetes and Istio YAML files

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About the Author

Peter Jausovec
Hi! I am Peter Jausovec. I am a software engineer with more than a decade of experience in the field of software development and tech. In recent years I've been focusing on developing distributed systems and cloud-native solutions using Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio. I've delivered talks and workshops on Istio, Kubernetes and microservices around the world. You can check out the list of my previous and upcoming talks and workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the e-book format?

The Istio book is available in the PDF, ePub and Mobi format. You can choose to download one or all formats.

How about the video format?

All videos are uploaded in MP4. You can download the videos and watch them on offline or stream them from Gumroad.

Which Istio version is used in the course?

Currently, the course uses Istio 1.7.3 and it gets updated with every major Istio release.

Can I get Learn Istio Service Mesh for my entire team?

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! Click the “Generate” button on the receipt from Gumroad after you purchase, and you can generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need.

Will the material be updated?

Yes! Things are changing fast and the book and other materials will be updated periodically. You will receive all updates automatically as soon as they are available.

What if I don't like it?

If you really don't like it, email me at hello@learnistio.com and I will refund you in full.